What Hollywood truly wants is for people to be themselves. I think what it’s designed for is to kind of turn people into something and just make them saleable. But what it really stands for, what it really loves, are people who are unafraid to be themselves, and as you can see, these are people who are excelling in their careers.
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iloveprettylittleliars1234567 asked: Oh the family that said they didn't want Toby in thie r house because they had a daughter

omfg yes! those idiots. the people of rosewood really suck, ugh.

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iloveprettylittleliars1234567 asked: Was 203 the first I love you

it was!

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hastingstocavanaugh asked: to your reply just to make sure you see it: ahahaha do you still have the picture?? i must see it now hahaha. spoby babies oh my lord <3

OHOHOH yes!!!!

it’s the hair!!!! and i’m pretty sure he had blue eyes, too, although you can’t tell in that picture. :’)

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Favorite People (in no particular order) : [5/?] Ian Harding

“Should is the worst word. Like if a girl says, ‘To get a guy, I should dress like this, I should be like this.’ Just be you!” 



I will fight you: 1x21

um but that handholding in 120!!!!! and the first thing she said when she saw him at the door was “god, am i glad to see you.” I MEAN!!!!!! that kiss in 119 was all it took. to be fair, in 122 she did say to veronica that he was a “friend” but like lmao spencer. obviously she was just downplaying what they were to her mom cuz he was clearly more than a friend already at that point.

Hahaha no I get you, I just always felt 1x21 was their REAL starting out point, up till then it was kinda we-kissed-and-are-now-trying-to-figure-out-what-all-this-means-and-where-we-should-go-from-here but then that RUN AND HUG AND KISS in from of EVERYONE was like BAM THIS IS IT THIS IS REAL THIS IS A THING EVERYONE GET USE TO IT

yeah but what about “where your parents worried?” and “if you ever get the urge to run away call ME FIRST”!!!!!!!! like idk that conversation wasn’t very casual to me. toby’s the only one she’s ever really talked about her family’s past with so candidly. i think they both knew what was going on between them without having to say anything. and when he took her hand it was kind of a physical confirmation of it that she didn’t expect, but she totally welcomed. like, you can see how in awe of it she is but you can see how quickly they just fall into it and they know it’s right. for me 121 feels like the next step, where they’ve established it for themselves but then running to him like that in the middle of basically the whole town was them not caring what anyone else thought because they knew what they had was more than what the town thought of them as individuals and as a couple.